This mandala is made by a buddhist monk from the monastery. With discipline and patience the mandala is now a true piece of art!


While making this mandala I truely felt like a monk. It took me so many hours of focus and concentration. I think the monastery would accept me! 

This design displays buddhist temples. In the centre of the design, you see the meditation hall where buddhists gather to meditate. Let this also be your focus point, for your own meditation! Meditation brings inner peace and enables you to connect to the universe...

This design contains 3 levels of depth, the middle tiles and the one in the center pop out the most as they are embossed. The different dimensions create a unique mandala that will bring some peace into your space.

material: tiles, beeswax  an a wooden background

size incl. frame 80/80 cm 

€ 325,-

Would you like to order a  similar mandala? There are a lot of possibilities. For instance to process , ash or hair from a dear person or animal in a mandala.             

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so I can tell you more about it.

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Located in Haarlem, the Netherlands

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