When you feel Inner Luck you can get everything out of life...


Happiness, happiness and more happiness!
It cannot be otherwise with all those lucky symbols in this Tibetan thangka: the vase, the infinite knot, the fish, the shell, the victory banner, the parasol, the dharma wheel and the lotus. 
And if you look closely, you see happiness

sparkle .... I have processed some colored stones in the beeswax. 
And what do you think of the frame? Personally….

I love it! The frame is made of used wood and in its entirety gives this mandala an old, almost antique look!

material: wood, beeswax and small decorative stones

Size  ±  95 cm / 95 cm



Would you like to order a  similar mandala? There are a lot of possibilities. For instance to process , ash or hair from a dear person or animal in a mandala. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so I can tell you more about it.

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