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Welcome to my website full of mandalas. I hope my spiritual art will inspire you! 

All my art is made with beeswax, an iron and a styling pen. I love to work with the wax, because it gives me many possibilities to express myself. But most of all, I love the intensity of the colors that makes my work very enjoyable.

I developed a technique that allows me to work with the beeswax on wood and tiles. I started with making abstract paintings, but then I discovered the opportunity of creating mandalas. As soon I started creating mandalas, I couldn’t stop anymore, I was obsessed by them... I thought 'Hey Marian, how is this possible?'. Then I realized the mandala journey already started when I was a little kid. As a child I was making lots of geometric figures on calculation paper and drawing mandalas with a Spirograph. All the inspiration I got throughout my life build up to this moment, and that’s why I cannot stop making mandalas. Besides my fascination for geometric figures, I also believe in a deeper meaning of the mandalas.

The center of the mandala resembles you and everything around the center resembles the universe. You are connected with the universe that never ends. The geometrical patterns in the mandala are found in nature and even in the universe. From the positioning of atoms till the shapes of galaxies, everything is build up out of sacred geometry which is the foundation of every mandala. 

Please, check the video down below, which demonstrates that even sound exists out of sacred geometry. Each frequency has his own kind of mandala, and it's amazing!

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